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Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518


Requirements to Propose Family Tree (Nasab) Books


  1. The applicant filed an application with complete bio-data to fill in the application form of nasab book making from Maktab Daimi – Rabithah Alawiyah.
  2. Applicants write on the form the full name, father’s name, grandfather’s name, and so at least until the fifth grandfather correctly.
  3. Applicant wrote the names of his brother, his father’s brothers name, and the name of his grandfather’s brothers completely and correctly.
  4. For the applicant or any of the applicant’s family of his father who has had a book of nasab please attach a copy of that.
  5. Attach a copy of ID card or passport, Family Card (KK) and birth certificate of each 1 (one).
  6. Attach recent photographs of size 4 × 6 2 (two) sheets.
  7. The applicant signed the application form of request to making nasab book.
  8. The application form for the making of nasab book must be signed by 2 (two) witnesses who is really know the validity of the applicant’s nasab and can be accounted for the reliable testimony.
  9. Applicant and 2 (two) witnesses should include a telephone number to call.
  10. For applicants residing outside Jakarta, the application form of making nasab book must be stamped and completed by a letter of recommendation from the local branch of Rabithah Alawiyah.
  11. If there is a data of family relating to the applicant’s nasab please attach a copy of those data.
  12. Regular pay administrative fee:

o Rp 50.000,00 for domiciled in Indonesia

o Sin $ 30.00 for those residing in Singapore

o M $ 50.00 for those who live in Malaysia

o U.S. $ 50.00 for those who live in the Middle East / Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, etc.)

o U.S. $ 25.00 for those who live in Yemen and Africa

o Payment of the above can be done via postal money order or wire transfer to an account Rabithah Announcements (BCA no. 504.0099.001)

o Evidence of transfer order form attached

o The cost above does not include postage

  1. Contribute voluntarily to Maktab Daimi – Rabithah Alawiyah.
  2. Once all these requirements are met by the applicant, the application form will be processed to be made the nasab book. The process of nasab research, publishing, and delivery time will be determined later by the Maktab Daimi – Rabithah Alawiyah, regarding the assessment must be made in advance in order to avoid the possibility of error.
  3. If the applicant not able to come personally to pick up the nasab book, it can be represented by 2 (two) witnesses known by the officer Maktab Daimi.
  4. For applicants who live in Jakarta Foreign and Overseas, the nasab book will be delivered by post.
  5. If the applicant wants to make a posters/syajarah nasab there will be an additional charge of administrative cost.